Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Mystic Ridge Resort is a tastefully decorated tropical paradise overlooking the resort town and bay of Ocho Rios, and conveniently located minutes from beaches, shops and world famous attractions.


The inviting June Plum restaurant & bar offers incredible dining experiences featuring local and international cuisine. Full room service, catering formeetings, events & weddings available.
A mouthwatering complimentary breakfast is included with every nights stay.


The Jamaican June plum, or Jew plum, was introduced to Jamaica in 1782, and some years later Captain Bligh brought more plants from Hawaii where it grew in abundance. The Jamaican June plum tree, a member of the ambarella spondias dulcis ambere family, is fast growing and can reach a tremendous height. Jamaica is the only country that calls this fruit June plum; it is known in other countries as Jew plum, golden apple, hog plum, or kedondong.

There are many species of this versatile fruit, and different countries have developed innovative ways of enjoying it. When Jamaican June plums are fully ripe, they fall from the trees, making harvesting quite an easy task.

The June plum can be enjoyed at different stages of its maturity. The unripe fruit can be made into jelly, jams, pickles or even flavouring for sauces. It is wonderful on its own as a drink, but can also enhance the flavour of other fruit drinks when mixed in. It is believed to prove beneficial to those suffering from diabetes, urinary problems, heart conditions or high blood pressure.

The June plum stands out among other plums, not only because of its large, oval shape, but also because of its lime green coloring when harvested and its tropical bouquet of flavours and aromas. The June plum has a creamy colored, firm, semi-acidic flesh, with flavours of pineapple, mango and apple. When mature, it reveals aromas of sweet summer melons and its skin eventually ripens to hues of red and orange.

Like the fruit, our June Plum restaurant stands out amongst other Jamaican eateries for serving unique, uncomplicated Caribbean Cuisine at its best, tastefully presented in a comfortable, pleasant setting.

Native Chef Dwight Watkis sources a variety of local ingredients which he skillfully combines to introduce you to an array of aromas, flavors and tastes which will take you back in time to the Caribbean of old with with a modern twist.

Relax & Enjoy!


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